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Poverty stifles talents, suffocates freedom of choice and snuffs out hope. 

At Garden Impact Investments, we believe that the marginalised should not let poverty rob them of their true potential to flourish. Inherent in every human being is a capacity to create and produce in a dignified manner. The key to unlock this potential lies in poverty alleviation measures that holistically address not just some, but all of the issues at play in the lives of the afflicted individuals. Enterprises have the unique ability of connecting marginalised communities to value chains and the wider market, enabling an exchange of fair compensation for quality goods and services.

“Poverty is lack of freedom, enslaved by crushing daily burden, by depression and fear of what the future will bring. “

- A poor man, Georgia*

*Gathered from Voices of the Poor study. A household is monetary poor if its income or expenditure, in 2011 purchasing power parity U.S. dollars, is less than US$1.90 per person per day.

Our Shared Values



We expect regular and expeditious communication of all news – good, bad and ugly. We like surprises but not shocks. Regular communications reduces the number of meetings.


We expect integrity in our communications, reporting, regulatory compliance and adherence to the rule of the country of operation. We do not give or accept bribes.


We expect modesty in terms of image, speech and compensation packages. We travel economy class. We do not have a company car policy. The CEO makes the coffee.


We expect loyalty which will be rewarded with loyalty. Job‐hoppers and clock‐watchers will not fit in. Neither will a “this is not my job” attitude. We have a no social website policy.


We have a color & gender blind policy. We have a no swearing/no shouting policy. We expect management to lead through example, encouragement and service.


We expect our investee companies to enjoy what they are doing. When they stop enjoying their work, it is time for them to leave. We like employing people who smile.


We are your partners and servants. We are here to love and serve our investors, investee companies, their employees, and most importantly, their beneficiaries and customers. We partner with those who feel the same way.


Clifford Eu


Clifford Eu has over 25 years senior management and operational experience in manufacturing, distribution and healthcare industries. He has experience in startups and growth businesses in Malaysia and Singapore and was formerly Group Managing Director, International at Eu Yan Sang International Ltd.

Dr Chan Ying Lock


Holds a Bachelor of Accounting degree from the University of Singapore and a MBA from the Nanyang Technological University. Completed his doctoral degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management with Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2016.

Dato Dr Kim Tan


Chairman of SpringHill Management, a private fund management company specialising in biotech and social venture capital investments.

Sylvie Tan


Sylvie was an ASEAN and Tanoto Foundation Scholarship recipient; she has a double degree in Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Business Management (majoring in Finance) from Singapore Management University.


Mark Hew


Mark was a UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Chevening Scholar and a Master of Public Policy graduate from University of Oxford. Mark’s 8 years experience in management consultancy includes working in S.E.Asia countries & the Middle East.



Mason Tan


Founder/Advisor of Garden Impact Investments Pte Ltd and Director at CBP Quilvest Wealth Advisory Ltd. Mason had worked in a Big 4 public accounting firm in the US, securities and money brokering firm in Indonesia.


Garden Impact Investments Pte Ltd.

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Our Vision

To have a continuously sustainable world where the poor and the marginalized will be equipped and empowered to live meaningful lives through our investments.

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