In choosing our companies, we look for entrepreneurs who are integrable, gritty, and who continues to learn through their journey. We believe people make all the difference. Further, we look for post-revenue companies who are firmly committed to a double bottom-line of financial and social returns.
We seek to be wise investors, pursuing the right causes in a smart way. We are committed to be lifelong learners ourselves to serve our investors and other stakeholders well.
We believe business is the normative way people rise out of poverty sustainably. Enterprises have the unique ability of connecting forgotten communities and people to value chains and the wider market, facilitating an exchange of fair compensation for quality goods and services.
Capital provision is essential in empowering and equipping the marginalised and we invite the influential and those bestowed with authority to play an integral part in changing their lives for good.

“Poverty is pain; it feels like a disease. It attacks a person not only materially but also morally. It eats away one’s dignity and drives one into total despair”

- A poor woman, Moldova*

*Gathered from Voices of the Poor study. A household is monetary poor if its income or expenditure, in 2011 purchasing power parity U.S. dollars, is less than US$1.90 per person per day.



“Unconditional love” – It’s the meaning of Agape in Greek and it is also what Anil David’s wife and family embodied throughout his incarceration. Anil founded Agape Connecting People Pte Ltd in 2012, and it was his way of honouring his wife and their two young daughters. It continues to be the good news many of Agape’s employees need, in different points of their journey of redemption.

Agape is a contact centre set up with the purpose of providing sustainable empowerment towards the marginalised through employment. They include inmates serving time in Changi, physically challenged persons, single mothers and ex-offenders. From Nov 2018, our reach will be further extended into Changi Women’s prison, and leveraging on technology, we will be able to reach out to displaced civilians via home-based work. This will benefit even the visually impaired and single mothers who cannot commute to us.

Agape will then be able to offer a thorough, balanced service across 4 concurrent locations with a combined capacity of more than 250 seats. We hope to impact in excess of 500 marginalised individuals by 2020 through dignified work, helping them regain respect as they rebuild their lives and families.




Despair and hopelessness beckons within the confines of a prison cell.


This is a space where minds are actively working, information is constantly processed and disseminated. Except for the shaved heads, identical outfits, little else suggests that they are within prison walls. Perhaps for the first time in their lives, they can lift their heads high and finish well. Life for them and their families will never be the same again.



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Affordable Abodes (AA) strives to catalyse the construction of affordable, resilient and environmentally-friendly homes to low income families around the world. They are technologists, engineers and green advocates, up-cycling more than 95% of inputs which are otherwise industrial and agricultural waste products to create prefabricated building materials with similar (and often superior) properties to concrete but without the harmful environmental effects. Their model revolves around kenaf, a plant with an incredible range of applications. Through training and partnerships, AA is teaching communities to literally grow their own houses.


The results are broad-based – dignified, standard housing for whole families; much improved carbon footprint compared to traditional concrete solutions; significantly quicker construction process.
Additionally, the business builds local value chains and creates sustainable income, via farming, industrial applications, etc. Eventually, this will be expanded to include education and up-skilling of local communities in the area of construction and materials.


Affordable House is
within reach

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Greenhope is an award winning green technology company which aims to solve the earth’s plastics waste issue by helping existing plastics biodegrade through the introduction of a naturally made additive and producing biodegradable plastics. It does this through its two main products: Oxium and Ecoplas.

Oxium is US-patented, oxo-biodegradable additive that speeds up the molecular and chemical degradation of plastic.  Oxium is used as an additive in low dosage towards regular plastics production and has proven to be an effective and economical solution towards green plastics.

Ecoplas is a new plastics source made from tapioca. Products made from Ecoplas are completely biodegradable and renewable.


Greenhope is a job creator within agriculture, as tapioca farmers supply the raw material needed for the production of Ecoplas. The positive impact on the landfills and oceans from a much faster degradation cycle (2-5years vs 500-1000years) feeds back to people.


bio-degradable polymer made from tapioca.

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PT. Mahoni Edukasi Digital (“Mahoni”) was founded to be an education technology and media platform supplying digital education solutions. Mahoni runs two product lines: Kios Pintar “KIPIN” ATM (a digital education media solution designed for K-12 students in low-income communities) and an associated mobile app.

The platform is a computer lab / virtual library solution targeted at schools and students in low-income communities, with patchy internet access. Teachers can access a wide range of education materials through the platform at low cost. Further, the platform localises content in client schools in an electronic format, enabling easy and affordable access by students of these schools. Meanwhile, the mobile app acts as a distribution platform for Mahoni’s materials to wealthier urban residents and older (post-secondary) consumers.




Over the past two years, Mahoni’s first product achieved 70 million downloads of free digital text books. KIPIN ATMs sold so far have been deployed by schools in the suburbs and cities, including schools in rural Java and East Nusa Tenggara. Mahoni’s platform enables students in low-income communities to electronically access education materials that would not be otherwise available. Further, it acts as a platform for affordable distribution of teaching aids to schools in such communities.


DANAdidik is crowdfunding funding site for micro student loan.

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A pioneer in the student loan asset class in Indonesia, registered with OJK. Focusing on healthcare and technology sectors, utilising funding from a mixture of a mix of institutional investors and a proprietary P2P platform. Danadidik aims to provide affordable alternative financing for tertiary students (university, polytechnic and continuing education), with a target of halving effective interest costs what they are paying now (currently ranging from 48% to 100%).




In a country where large swathes of the population remain unbanked, Danadidik is a pioneer in offering access to credit to students in professional vocations. With such access, Danadidik’s customers are in some cases able to triple their income from their previous background in subsistence farming. The target market size is eventually around 20 million students with insufficient financial means, and Danadidik hopes to fund up to 100,000 students per year by 2025.



Kestrel’s mission is to produce and supply affordable high-quality diagnostic test-kits to improve the quality of life of the marginalized.  With the investments from GII, they plan to expand their distribution network worldwide, especially to developing countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and even to African countries where Dengue and Malaria are rampant.



Kestrel is currently collaborating with a few universities to distribute their products. They are selling more than 6000 test kits and exporting more than a thousand per month to the African countries.


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