Human Flourishing

“True flourishing always happens in the context of community.”

Inherent in every human being is a productive and creative capacity that is unique. Harnessing them allows for dignified livelihoods, benefitting others and ourselves. However, true flourishing has often slipped from two common groups of people.

The first lacks the opportunity to develop talents, and subsist through life without much hope. The second has progressed in life through opportunities and hard work, and are capable of making a difference in the world, but have chosen to withdraw into secure corners and doused their convictions with safety. True flourishing always happens in the context of community; one group coming alongside another to support and encourage. At Garden Impact, we seek to be that bridge, in the hope that we flourish together.


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Our Vision

To have a continuously sustainable world where the poor and the marginalized will be equipped and empowered to live meaningful lives through our investments.

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